A company with a long tradition - that's us.

In 1893 Hermann König and Josef Böschke founded the company "König & Böschke Piassava Factory Herford". A factory for the production of Piassava brooms and household brushes and led this to Europe's leading factory.

In 1960 the company was integrated into the "Hessische Hölzerwerke Heinrich Schlerf GmbH Wald-Michelbach" group for strategic reasons.

In 1971 the company was renamed into "CORONET König & Böschke GmbH".

On January 10th, 1972 Mr. Rüdiger Lademann started working in the company.

In the years that followed, the company developed new brush production processes and operated its own mechanical engineering department. These new production processes made it possible for the first time to use flat brush strips in profiles for entrance mats. By supplying brush strips to entrance mat manufacturers, the decision was made to produce own entrance mats from aluminum profiles.

In 1990, the company began building up the safety and cleaning flooring division, "SRB" for short. A new cleaning system was first developed in cooperation with and for the Munich Airport. The heavy-duty system Tec22.
In 1992, Terminal 1 at the Munich Airport was equipped with around 850m² of Tec22 and has proven its worth.
In 2003, the CORONET Group got into major financial difficulties due to a grossly wrong business decision and as a precautionary measure, bankruptcy applications had to be filed for almost all member companies.
From October 1st, 2003 Mr. Rüdiger Lademann took over the area ​​"safety and cleaning flooring" and continued to manufacture for CORONET.

On April 1st, 2004 Mr. Rüdiger Lademann and Mrs. Anika Rebhan founded "C-Tec e.K." and manufactured and sold in-house.

From April 1st, 2004 Mr. Rüdiger Lademann and Mrs. Anika Rebhan manufacture and sell entrance mattings and brushes under the name "C-Tec e.K.".

In 2012 we moved in our own commercial property in Vlotho, the building with over 3,000 m² offered space for additional production capacities. 2015 the company was renamed into “C-Tec GmbH & Co. KG”.
The "C" in our name stands primarily for "Clean", but it also in memory of the history of how we came up with CORONET.

The "Tec" in our name results from the heavy-duty products "Tec22 and Tec10".

C-Tec: Because attractive entrances attract customers!


Today our production is at home in our own commercial property in Vlotho. Here we have a production and storage area of around 3500 square meters. With an extremely high proportion of in-house production, we are considered a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality and long-lasting cleaning systems as well as brushes.

Short production ways and personal customer contact make our work easier and improve the service for our customers. Our production is characterized by the highest quality and precision within the shortest possible time.

We now enjoy the trust of many long-standing customers all over the world, who are supplied by us individually, depending on requirements: Whether partial production or complete solution - we offer the optimal product for every special application.


About us

We are a family business. Personal contact and individual advice are important to us. The wealth of experience that has been gained over many years is our potential. We can also count on long-standing employees with whom we put the customer's wishes at the center of attention every day. We count on consistency. This applies to our employees, our customers and of course also to our products.