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Our »slim-line« matting system Tec10 has an ideal partner: the rubber tray for an easy on top installation. There is no need for an additional ramp frame, as the frame is already integrated in the tray. Your valuable floorings will not be scratched by sharp-edged aluminium profiles – the rubber tray separates the aluminium matting system from your floorings. Our Tec10-Duo matting system is simply inserted in the tray – not stuck or screwed in – and can be taken out easily for cleaning purposes. The anti-slip effect of the tray prevents the mat from slipping away, even on extremely slippery floorings.

Tec10-DUO can be fitted with all Tec10 fittings.

Outside measurements of the rubber tray: 455 mm walking direction x 655 mm width


Individual shaping is a great advantage of Tec and Clic. Almost every shape, even triangles, can be produced. Should due to shape or size, it not be possible to manufacture a mat in one piece, we are able to produce in several pieces which are then assembled in situ to a perfect fitting unit with near invisible joints.

Tec10 DUO-9

Fitted with needle-punch-strips

Tec10 DUO-11

Fitted with rubber-strips

Tec10 DUO-30

Fitted with bristle-fused-strips A

Tec10 DUO-37

Alternating fittings with needle-punch-strips + bristle-fused-strips A

Tec10 DUO-38

Alternating fittings with bristle-fused-strips A + rubber-strips