Individual shaping is a great advantage of Tec and Clic. Almost every shape, even triangles, can be produced. Therefore, each C-Tec matting systems is the first choice when the matting system is to be integrated in the architectural design of an entrance area. Should due to shape or size, it not be possible to manufacture a mat in one piece, we are able to produce in several pieces which are then assembled in situ to a perfect fitting unit with near invisible joints.

Colours and shapes

Why not also use an aluminium-profile matting system as an advertising medium. Welcoming visitors at the entrance area with your company name and logo leaves a lasting impression on their minds.

The matting systems Tec and Clic offer the possibility to permanently integrate graphics. By way of inlay techniques, coloured fittings are directly integrated into the profile.

This technique is very impressive On large scale mats. With Brush inset brushes (available in nine colours) even rubber ring mats can be designed individually. Colorsarentrance mats are highly recommendable for advertising purposes. The surface is dyed by way of Chromojet technique. With this type of printing any design can be produce. using as many as 66 colours.