The Swedish matting system

The wave-structured rubber lamellas of the original Kobe matting system remove dirt, sand, dust and water from the shoe soles a little like a windscreen wiper.

offene Oberfläche
On-Top Verlegung

Wood – the original material

The original Swedish mat consisted of rubber lamellas and wood strips. The mat is still avalable in this material today. Handcrafted Kobe wood Mats give every entrance an exclusive look!

The Standard

Kobe original matting system consist of flat aluminium bars and black or grey rubber lamellas. A strengthened system, recommended for shopping trolleys up to 200 kg, is available on request. In addition, Kobe is still handcrafted from the traditional wood strips, as well as with black or gold anodised aluminium bars.

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Kobe - the Swedish matting system

to be integrated in frames – open construction

Kobe Alu standard

Kobe Alu Standard

Flat bars aluminium
Rubber lamellas black
Item No. 0760 400
Type Kobe
Height 22 mm
Quality Alu Standard
Grey lamellas, as well as black- or gold-anodised profiles on request  


Kobe Alu strengthened

Kobe Alu Verstärkt

Flat bars aluminium
Rubber lamellas black
Item No. 0760 401
Type Kobe
Height 22 mm
Quality alu strengthened
Grey lamellas, as well as black- or gold-anodised profiles on request.  


Kobe Wood standard

Kobe Holz Standard

Wood sticks Pine
Rubber lamellas black
Item No. 0760 402
Type Kobe
Height 22 mm
Quality Wood standard
Grey lamellas on request.  


Kobe – material and construction

Flat bars 12 x 4 mm made of alloyed aluminium (EN AW-6005A-T6), optionally also with gold-coloured or black anodisation. Rubber strips 22 x 3.7 mm made of a special, temperature change-resistant rubber compound in black or grey. The rubber strips are riveted to the aluminium bars in the shape of waves. The mat is held together by a 2.5 mm stainless steel wire to form a flexible construction.

Height: 22 mm
Weight: ca. 12 kg/m²

Kobe original mats can be manufactured in one piece up to a walking depth GT of 5,000 mm and a width B of 2,000 mm (wooden mats: GT max. 2,000 mm and B max. 1,500 mm).

The mat can be easily rolled up for cleaning, but it should be noted that longer mats should always be rolled up from both sides. It is recommended to turn Kobe mats annually to ensure even wear of the rubber lamellae.

For the "On Top" installation of Kobe original mats, a suitable run-up ramp is available, which enables stumble-free walking and easy driving over the mat. The grooves in the run-up ramp ensure a secure grip, even with slippery or wet shoe soles. The run-up ramp can be anchored to the floor to prevent slipping.